Short Overview

What started as a small group of young Polish-Canadian dancers has over the past 17 years grown into a vibrant group of over 40 dancers aged 10 and over, with zest for song, dance, and Polish culture!  Krakusy today comprises of two groups, where both boys and girls come together to have fun, gain strength and flexibility, learn about their Motherland through song and dance and, most of all, form lasting friendships!  Through careful and dedicated instruction, Krakusy are able to bring a smile to their audiences in both Polish and Canadian circles.

The objective of Krakusy is to constantly increase and refine our dance abilities through new skills, choreographies and dance routines.  Through highly skilled approach to coaching, education and facilitation, the dancers of all ages gain amazing ability to perform, showcase and enjoy their newly gained dance skills.  Annually, Krakusy perform in many local performances, as well as national and international festivals.


Krakusy is a youth Polish-Canadian dance association with the mission of cultivating and sharing Polish heritage through song and dance with all audiences, locally and abroad.  We strive to provide high quality instruction, great care and passion, as well as deepening the love and appreciation for the Polish culture in children, youth and their families.  Continual improvement is our goal and commitment.


Through passionate, dedicated and supportive approach and instruction, we hope to build Krakusy to new heights of excellence.  We are working towards growing our group in all age categories, where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.  Through song and dance, it is our vision to instil in all of our members a deep sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment, as we all perform on local, national and international stages.

Current Events/News/Auditions

If you are interested and/or would like to join Krakusy, please email us at: Dance@krakusy.ca to schedule a visit during our rehearsals or workshops.