Board of Directors

Board members of Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Association elected for 2020/2021:

Agnieszka Nowak-Rembisz (President / Director )

Agnieszka Bugala (Treasurer)

Marta Mika (Secretary)

Izabela Cudak (Board Member at Large)

Magdalena Kaczan (Board Member at Large)

Malgorzata Godek (Board Member at Large)

Grzegorz Kamon (Board Member at Large)

Artistic Director

Izabela Leśniczuk was born in Toronto, Ontario where her parents immigrated to from Poland. Izabela almost immediately emerged into the world of Polish culture in Calgary, where they moved soon after she was born. She sang in a Polish church choir, attended Polish school, Polish Bible camp, Polish community gatherings and events, and Polish church. She loved to be involved in the community and has remained devoted to preserving and sharing the rich and robust aspects of her Polish heritage with friends, family, and the public. Izabela loves to express herself through the world of dance and has been devoted to it for its ability to bring people together, to teach life skills, and to be used as a creative outlet and a way to connect to her Polish background. Izabela’s drive and hard work brought her to become somebody who wanted to be a leader and had the traits of leadership. She has enjoyed working with kids for several years and has experienced teaching grades K-12, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education with specialization in Elementary and a minor in Humanities. She aims to make Polish folk dance an enjoyable experience for all children. Her goal is to help each child feel important and accepted and to provide various means for the many learning styles at every level.

Dance Background
She began dancing at the young age of 5 in classical ballet and Polish folk dance. Her passion for music and dance quickly expanded and ranged into various genres such as musical theatre, jazz, tap, hip hop, street jazz and lyrical. She began taking dance exams for ballet, tap, and jazz onto advanced 1 in ballet and danced competitively for which she was awarded high gold and 1st place for many solos and group dances. 

At age 12, she received an award from her studio as “The Most Outstanding Ballet Dancer.” In 2008 and 2011, Izabela was cast as a local dancer in The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Cinderella and Swan Lake, performing alongside professional ballet dancers. Once she decided to focus on only ballet, she was accepted into the International School of Ballet in Calgary. She has been involved in Polish Folk Song and Dance in Calgary for a total of 19 years. Dance and being a part of the Polish community taught Izabela the valuable life skills of cooperation, creativity, and the strength of community that she has carried on with ther throughout the years. She loves to experiment with different music and genres to build and expand musical and physical literacy for dancers. Her main goal is to strengthen and diversify Polish dance, music, and cultural knowledge whilst making fun memories that will last a lifetime.


Michal Nawrocki

 Michal Nawrocki was a former Krakusy gymnast for 10 years, beginning at the age of 4 and continued into the team program.  He was a Varsity gymnast at Mukwonago High School for 4 years.  He graduated from the University of Alberta-La Crosse in August of 2006, with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and a minor in Polish.  In June of 2013, he received his post-baccalaureate teaching certification in education grades 1-8.  He is a Primary School Teacher at High River Charter School, grades K4 thru 2nd grade.



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